Automate Your Supply Chain Solutions

Streamline your unstructured bin picking, sorting and goods to robot fulfillment with SuperPick

Automate your bin picking, sorting & goods to robot fulfillment with ease, thanks to SuperPick. Finally, a solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing WMS and can pick from unstructured bins without pre-training SKUs.

In short? Less Downtime = Quicker ROI

How we're different

Don't let your automation solution hold you back from growing your business.

With products changing and new SKUs constantly being added to the mix, you don't have the time or money to train a robot for every new item in your warehouse. SuperPick's no training capabilities makes deployment simple and painless, guaranteeing you immediate results and faster ROI. We know that a delay in deployment means a delay in automation success.

No pre-training

Pick from heterogenous or homogenous bins of product without the downtime associated with pre-training your SKUs

Unstructured Product? No problem

Retrieve, sort and fulfill orders from bins of layed products, products stuck in bins, etc. The unpickable is unpickable no more!

Seamless Integration

Integrates with existing WMS and other automation for streamlined processes. We fully integrate with every robot on the market.


You can be the robotic automation expert.
We can help.

We’re dedicated to solving your hardest workforce challenges. We believe that human beings should do human work. That it’s technology’s job to take on the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs. The repetitive work that until now, has been dependent on the human hand to complete. We are dedicated to freeing people to do the work that people do best. Join us.


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What product do you need picked? Search our video library, if you don't see your product or something similar, challenge us.