Packaging Solutions

In today’s labor starved industries, manufacturers need flexible, adaptable automation systems to get their products to market. Enter mGrip: A gripping solution that adapts with you, as your business (SKU count) grows and changes, we have you covered.

Supply Chain Solutions

Automate your bin picking, sorting & goods to robot fulfillment with ease, thanks to SuperPick. Finally, a solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing WMS and can pick from unstructured bins without pre-training SKUs. In short? Less Downtime = Quicker ROI

Applications Overview

Solving real application challenges - for you.

We believe the power of technology is found out of the lab and into the world. We’re solving real challenges, and enabling thousands of robots all over the world. Solving problems – it’s sort of our thing.

Collaborative Robot Solutions

When choosing a tooling solution for your collaborative robot, we know you’re looking for something easy to deploy, that you can quickly install and program. You need a safe gripping solution – something that won’t damage your product (or you!). With mGrip, you get all of these benefits and more. Our grippers seamlessly integrate with your cobot, bringing you true automation ROI.

Industrial Robot Solutions

For your industrial application we know you need a tooling solution that can keep up with even the most demanding applications (we can!), while also being adaptable (we are!) and without damaging your products (we won’t!). It’s time to grow your bottom line, with mGrip.


mGrip is enabling robots to do what they never could. Get up and running quickly with our modular gripping system designed to adapt to your products and bring you faster ROI.


It's time to automate your bin picking, sorting & goods to robot fulfillment. What is one gripper good for? Picking thousands of products (even unstructured ones).