Soft Robotics Development Kits


At Soft Robotics, we design and build soft robotic gripping systems and automation solutions that can grasp and manipulate items of varying size, shape and weight. We solve previously off-limits automation challenges for customers in food & beverage, advanced manufacturing and e-commerce.

Our Development Kits are designed to enable rapid prototyping, testing and validation of your applications. These fully plug and play, customizable kits come with everything you need to be up and running quickly.


SRDK 2.0

Designed to plug and play with any existing robot currently in the market, the SRDK 2.0 allows end-users and system integrators the ability to customize, test and validate your ideal Soft Robotics Solution, with your own equipment, in your own environment. 

SRDK_2.0 v3.jpg


Build your own plug and play, customizable gripper system, that seamlessly integrates with all Universal Robots, enabling a new world of collaborative robotic automation.