Commercial Applications

We have built a fundamentally new class of robotic grippers that are adaptive, plug and play, repeatable and reliable. Our advanced grippers (technically speaking, they’re air actuated soft elastomeric end effectors) enable industrial applications that previously were off-limits to automation.

From warehouse logistics involving objects of unpredictable size, shape and weight, to advanced assembly currently requiring significant labor and food handling where sanitation and delicate manipulation are important, Soft Robotics grippers are designed to excel where conventional robotic technology fall short.



THE soft robotics SYSTEM

Unstructured, delicate and continuously changing tasks used to represent a challenge to automation. With Soft Robotics actuators, food & beverage and industrial robotics can adaptively handle objects of varying size, shape and weight with a single easy-to-use device, eliminating the need for tool changes and complex vision requirements — and transforming the possibilities of automation.

Our fully integrated system is ready to plug-and-play with the robotics equipment you already have in place. Solutions to difficult automation challenges in industries like Food & Beverage, Advanced Manufacturing and eCommerce & Logistics can be rapidly developed and delivered.



Soft Robotics Control Unit, Generation 2

Our high-speed (>3 Hz) controller with millisecond precision ensures repeatable and reliable actions. Compatible with every commercial robot controller on the market, the Soft Robotics Control Unit, Generation 2 provides turnkey integration; no additional components or control hardware needed. CE marked, FCC Compliant, IP65.

SRCU-Mini - top.JPG

Soft Robotics Control Unit - Mini

The SRCU-Mini has a small footprint and is DIN rail mountable, designed to fit inside your existing control cabinet, while still offering the repeatable and reliable high-speed control (>3 Hz) with millisecond precision. (2) 4-20mA Analog Inputs for grip strength and opening amount gives you full gripper control freedom through real time analog input from your HMI. CE marked, FCC Compliant, IP40.



Introducing mGrip.PNG


Your on-demand, soft robotic modular gripping system. mGrip allows quick tool builds with limitless configurations and spacing options getting your end-users operational quickly. Each mGrip kit comes equipped with the components you need to build, validate and install production-ready systems in minutes. When paired with the Soft Robotics Control Unit, the mGrip gripper can cycle 3-4 times per second, keeping up with even the most demanding applications.  


Multiple actuator lengths are available dependent upon the needs of your application.




Our simple-to-use software provides you with full control of all grip parameters including force, actuator spacing and opening width, and the ability to store up to 8 grip profiles.