No Damaged Product

Pick your delicate plastics and metals without marking your product

Our soft gripper specializes in the pick and place of your delicate components with minimal marking or damage. Say goodbye to broken parts and hello to automating what was previously impossible.

The mGrip System

The adaptable gripper system that maintains the integrity of your product

Whether you’re looking to kit your automotive application or move PVC pipes, our mGrip solutions are designed with you in mind. Our soft grippers excel at reliable, repeatable picking while simultaneously grasping your delicate products without damage.

  • Reduce product damage
  • A time-tested system you can trust to accurately repeat the tasks you need
  • Seamlessly integrate with virtually every robot on the market
Video Resources

What product do you need picked? Search our video library, if you don't see your product or something similar, challenge us.

Case Study

Micron Products: How Soft Robotics enabled High Speed Handling of Injection Molded Parts

Micron Products is a contract manufacturer in Fitchburg, MA that specializes in precision machining, thermoplastic injection molding, mold making, and more. To reduce costs and improve quality, Micron wanted to automate the pick and place process of the delicate plastic clips it produces for a car seat manufacturer, without slowing down cycle times or damaging product. The goal was to save money by reducing labor costs through automation. Learn how Micron received ROI in under one year using Soft Robotics technology.

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