mGrip Kits

Circular & Parallel


Developed with our award winning technology, mGrip brings infinite robotic grasping solutions to picking challenges that couldn’t previously be automated.

mGrip allows quick tool builds with limitless configurations and spacing options getting your end-users operational quickly. Each mGrip kit comes equipped with the components you need to build, validate and install production-ready systems in minutes. When paired with the Soft Robotics Control Unit, the mGrip gripper can cycle 3-4 times per second, keeping up with even the most demanding applications.


Benefits & Features


Easy to build, fast to deploy

  • Build production-ready grippers in minutes, getting your customers up and running faster than ever before.

  • One tool conforms to new and changing productions in real-time, ideal for high-mix environments

  • Modular system can be modified and adapted quickly using mGrip spacers.

Production Ready

  • Designed to keep up with the speed of any industrial robot when paired with any Soft Robotics Control Unit.

  • Durable, factory-validated gripping platform that has withstood billions of cycles in production environments.

  • Extra components and quick turnaround time on spare parts limit down time.




mGrip Circular Kit

Includes all the components needed to build a circular tool with either 4 or 5 fingers. Kit handles a wide set of geometries with a spacing range of 65mm to 155mm 


Kit Contents


+ additional relevant hardware

mGrip Parallel Kit

Includes all the components needed to build a parallel tool with either 2, 4, or 6 fingers. Kit handles a wide set of geometries with a spacing range of 40mm to 120mm 


Kit Contents


+ additional relevant hardware


mGrip kits are offered in both a Standard (Aluminum) and Food Safe (Stainless Steel) option. Food Safe mGrip kits are compliant with (EC) 1935:2004 and meet the requirements of the United States FDA Codes of Federal Regulation 21 CFR concerning materials intended for repeated food contact.

Robot adapters and Soft Robotics Control Units are configurable at time of order