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Handle product variability, decrease ‘no bid’ projects, and solve labor challenges with mGrip

The world’s most enabling gripper technology meets the market leader in industrial robotics enabling a single, agile automation solution for underserved markets.

Our partnership with FANUC enables integrators to enter industries previously out of their reach. Those include:

How do we do this?

Adaptable, modular, soft gripper system


mGrip is a modular gripping system from Soft Robotics which leverages soft polymers for unique gripping properties. mGrip enables adaptive handling of unstructured objects of varying size, shape, and weight. This integrated and easy-to-use solution is perfect for automating pick-and-place applications. A robot-ready system consists of an mGrip gripper paired with one of our high-performance control units.
Seamless control integration


The Mini-P controller is designed specifically for easy integration with FANUC robots, via the FANUC Teach Pendant - getting you up and running quicker than ever. The Mini-P flawlessly enables all FANUC Robots – including the new CRX series – to successfully (and seamlessly) control the adaptable gripper system, mGrip via FANUC Teach Pendants. With the purchase of every Mini-P controller comes an easy to use thumb drive containing your software.

Mini-P Controller Features

Easy to use

Full end of arm tooling control from the FANUC Teach Pendant. Have a FANUC CRX-10iA or CRX-10iA/L collaborative robot? Easily set up and program the Mini-P through the CRX tablet interface.

Fast and Repeatable

The Mini-P controller operates at up to 3-4 cycles per second, delivering a higher throughput, even on your highest speed applications.


Sub-millimeter precision reduces product waste and increases your bottom line.

Mini-P Plugin for the CRX

The Mini-P Plugin takes advantage of the new icon-based programming interface on the FANUC CRX series so you can easily program mGrip. This Plugin is only compatible with our SRCU-Mini-P Controller and the FANUC CRX Series.

mGrip Features

Developed with our award-winning technology, mGrip brings infinite robotic grasping solutions to picking challenges that couldn’t previously be automated.

Adaptive Gripper Technology

Our category-defining mGrip is uniquely suited to handle a wide range of items with ease. Whether you're dealing with proliferating products, delicate items, or amorphous products - we can pick it.

Repeatable, Reliable Results

Whether you need a solution for heightened throughput or high mix, low volume situations, our system's durability and effectiveness has been validated through millions of cycles in multiple industries and environments.

Seamless Integration

Our modular gripping system is designed with a focus on ease of use so you can get up and running fast. mGrip is rewriting gripper flexibility and usability.

Food Safety

mGrip complies with FDA and European food safety standards, enabling the primary (and secondary) packaging of your produce, bakery and protein products. Finally - a solution that enables robots to do what they've never done before.
the power of Soft Robotics and FANUC

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Delicate, Secure Egg Handling

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Primary Food Packaging

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Polybag Piece Picking

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