Modular Gripping System


The mGrip modular gripping system is a suite of configurable soft grippers and controller products that enables reliable, high-speed picking of traditionally hard-to-grasp items in the food processing industry.  mGrip’s proven soft gripper technology allows robots to safely and efficiently pick and pack products while also increasing throughput and efficiency.

Why mGrip?

The food automation industry is often challenged with with products that cannot be handled with traditional suction vacuum or rigid end-of-arm tools. These traditional methods damage variable and fragile food products resulting in downtime and production loss.

Soft Robotics’ food-grade soft gripper technology allows robots to safely and efficiently pick and pack singulated food products while also increasing throughput, and reducing waste to meet the need of the rapidly-increasing food industry, previously reliant on human labor.

Grow your business with robotic automation

Food processing is projected to be a $4T industry and the next frontier for robotic automation.

Differentiate your business

Bid on and win more projects by offering innovative differentiated solutions in the food industry.

Stand above the competition

Offer the only soft gripper food automation solution on the market for singulated processing.

mGrip Features

Developed with our award-winning technology, learn what makes mGrip different.

Adaptable Gripper

mGrip’s adaptability picks challenging products on virtually any robot type. One gripper can be used to pick multiple SKUs.

Versatile Platform

Off-the-shelf components to quickly build production-grade tools in different configurations.

Reliable Design

Engineered to last in demanding environments. mGrip is used globally in various manufacturing settings and has completed billions of picks.

Food Grade

An IP69K rating, food-grade materials, and sanitary design elements make mGrip a great choice for food manufacturing.


Execute multiple picks in under a second for high-speed applications.

Precise, Repeatable Control

Effectively pick from tightly packed product arrays and place accurately into various forms of packaging.