The mGrip Modular Gripping System

The mGrip modular gripping system is a suite of configurable gripper and controller products that enables reliable, high-speed picking of traditionally hard to grasp items in the food processing and consumer packaged goods industries.

Why mGrip?

Food and Consumer Packaged Good industries often deal with products that cannot be handled with traditional grippers. Vacuum or parallel grippers can damage fragile food products and equipment, and lead to downtime and money lost. Soft Robotics’ proven soft gripper technology allows robots to safely and efficiently pick and pack products while also increasing throughput and efficiency and letting human workers add value elsewhere.

Differentiate your business

Pick and place new products by adding new technology to your end-of-arm tool portfolio.

Reduce project no bids

Hit the end customer’s requirements with higher throughput and less product damage so you can close more deals.

Increase customer satisfaction

Use our soft gripping technology when suction or rigid end-of-arm tools won’t get you the pick reliability you need.

mGrip Features

Developed with our award-winning technology, learn what makes mGrip different.

Adaptable Gripper

mGrip’s adaptability allows you to reliably pick challenging products on virtually any robot type. One gripper can be used to pick multiple SKUs.

Versatile Platform

Use off-the-shelf components to quickly build production-grade tools in different configurations.

Reliable Design

Engineered to last in demanding environments. mGrip is currently used globally in various manufacturing settings and has completed billions of picks.

Food Grade

An IP69K rating, food-grade materials, and sanitary design elements make mGrip a great choice for food manufacturing.


Execute multiple picks in under a second for your high-speed applications.

Precise, Repeatable Control

Effectively pick from tightly packed product arrays and place accurately into various forms of packaging.
Control Units and Software Systems

All of our grippers are powered by a Soft Robotics Control Unit (SRCU).

Our high-performance electro-pneumatic controllers allow precise programming control of gripping parameters, enable mGrip to execute multiple picks in under a second, and optimize the useful life of our grippers.
Control Units and Software Systems

Mini-P Control Unit

The Mini-P controller is designed specifically for easy integration with FANUC robots, via the FANUC Teach Pendant - getting you up and running quicker than ever. Operating at up to 3-4 cycles per second, this solution delivers high throughput, even on your high-speed applications. Sub-millimeter precision reduces product waste and increases your bottom line.
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Control Units and Software Systems

Soft Robotics Control Unit, Generation 2

Our high-speed (>3 Hz) controller with millisecond precision ensures repeatable and reliable actions. Compatible with every commercial robot controller on the market, the Soft Robotics Control Unit, Generation 2 provides turnkey integration; no additional components or control hardware needed. CE marked, FCC Compliant, IP65.
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Control Units and Software Systems

Soft Robotics Control Unit - Mini

The SRCU-Mini has a small footprint and is DIN rail mountable, designed to fit inside your existing control cabinet, while still offering repeatable and reliable high-speed control (>3 Hz) with millisecond precision. (2) 4-20mA Analog Inputs for grip strength and opening amount give you full gripper control freedom through real-time analog input from your HMI. CE marked, FCC Compliant, IP40.
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Control Units and Software Systems

coDrive Control Unit

No house air? No problem! The integrated air source in the coDrive Control Unit allows you to deploy virtually anywhere. coDrive is designed to easily mount inside of the UR cabinet while also offering repeatable and reliable control at speeds to match your application. (1) 1-5V Analog Output for grip strength and release amount gives you full control of your gripper. IP20.
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Case Study

Canadian Bakery Automates with Robotic Packaging Solution Designed by Revtech Systems

Soft Robotics mGrip offers integrators such as Revtech a modular robotic gripper that can be configured in either parallel or circular configurations with up to six fingers to accommodate different sized products. The mGrip enables adaptive handling of unstructured objects of varying size, shape, and weight. This integrated and easy-to-use solution, which includes an mGrip gripper paired with a high-performance control unit, is perfect for automating pick-and-place applications.

Enabling Integrators to Do More

At Soft Robotics, we recognize the importance of working with select system integrators who specialize in innovative primary and secondary packaging applications. We are proud to partner with industry-leading system integrators who have successfully designed and built automation systems leveraging Soft Robotics mGrip technology.