5 Must-See Videos About Soft Grippers

5 Must-See Videos About Soft Grippers

It’s the 1 year anniversary of The Gripper Guys and we’ve rounded our top 5 favorite videos. Answering your most asked questions, solving your pain points, and delivering valuable tips on all things robotic automation. Subscribe to the Gripper Guys and get these videos straight to your inbox!

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1. Food-Safe Tooling: Grippers vs. Vacuum

An estimated 76 million Americans get sick from foodborne diseases annually, according to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention. Food safety concerns continue to grow for food manufacturers with pressures to increase productivity and sacrificing product consistency and quality is not an option. While robotics and automation in food processing and packaging can help reduce the introduction of bacteria, a specialized food-safe gripper is required to create a contamination-free production. With several options out on the market, this video offers a side by side comparison of a Vacuum solution and a Soft Gripper solution. 


2. Ingress Protection of a Soft Robotics Gripper

The proof is in the pudding. Or should I say chocolate syrup? We dipped our soft grippers in a bowl of chocolate syrup to demonstrate how our food-safe EOAT is preventing bacteria from growing inside internal areas. Why is this is important? To minimize the risk of spreading pathogens. Our grippers are ingress protected which means debris from food can’t penetrate the tool. When automating food, invest in a reliable and sanitary automation tooling like our soft grippers to ensure ingress protection from liquids, dust, or in this case, chocolate syrup. You want a tool that improves your food safety concerns and mGrip tooling can achieve that. Check it out for yourself. 


3. Why We’re The Solution For Industrial Applications

Industrial applications require a tooling solution that is fast, reliable, and repeatable to keep up with the demands of the application. Our adaptable grippers can handle a wide range of products at high speed, from frosted sprinkled donuts to heavy bagged pet food. Because the grippers are soft, you don’t have to worry about damaging the product or the packaging. The Gripper Guys explain why Soft Robotics is the EOAT solution for industrial applications. Check out this video to learn more about our modular gripping system. 


4. Robotic Gripping Adaptability

Our soft grippers can pick up products just as a person would–with an enveloping grasp. With human-like dexterity, Soft Robotics’ flexible grippers adapt and conform to products in real-time. This is a huge win for robots. Due to product variability, robots had been unsuccessful in the simple task of picking and placing product–until now. 


5. How Soft Robotics Solves For Variability

Unsuccessful grasping is one of the major roadblocks to the adoption of robotic automation. Traditional technologies have failed at managing the product variability found in everyday products. From apples to perfume bottles, traditional robotic technology can’t handle products of different shapes, weights, and sizes. We’ve solved this problem with our technology. Our mGrip flexible grippers can adapt to changing products in real-time, without sacrificing a reliable grasp.


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