Become an Expert in Robotic Automation by Watching These 5 Videos

Become an Expert in Robotic Automation by Watching These 5 Videos

If you’ve been looking for resources to help you learn more about automation, grippers, and robotics, look no further than these videos. Our Soft Robotics engineers will teach you how to choose the perfect finger length for your robotic applications, how to determine the different factors that will affect your pick rate, and why soft grippers are the best choice for your industrial and collaborative applications.


The Best Grippers for Industrial Applications

Don’t let the term “industrial” scare you away from using soft materials in your robotics application. Our grippers are a durable and reliable solution to pick up all of your products ranging from produce to injection-molded plastic. Soft Robotics’ grippers can perform at incredibly high speeds (moving product at a quicker rate) and are created from FDA certified materials, resulting in an EOAT system that is truly designed with Food Protection in mind. Also, it’s one of the easiest tools to customize. Think adult legos, and you’ve got yourself one of Soft Robotics’ modular gripping systems. You’ll be able to create hundreds of unique tools to fit your applications.


Ingress Protection of a Robotic Gripper

Soft Robotics’ grippers prove to be an overall better option than suction EOATS for certain applications. Why you may ask? For food-related applications, soft grippers don’t get nasty residue buildup that leads to potential mold and bacteria growth, commonly found in vacuum/suction grippers. This means you’ll spend less time cleaning the system, reducing overall application downtime.

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Collaborative Robot Grippers

What makes Soft Robotics the best option for collaborative robots? Maybe the question should be, “What DOESN’T make Soft Robotics the best option for collaborative robots? These grippers are flexible – you can use the same tool to pick up a range of different products. They are safe – want to stick your hand in them and actuate the fingers over and over? While we don’t recommend it, it’s completely safe to do so. Even a 3-year old can do it! Lastly, they are almost too easy to use. Get assembled in minutes, plug-in air, and program your application quickly. Done.


Choosing the Best Finger Length for Your Gripper

One finger length does not fit all. In this video, Alex teaches you how to decide which finger length will work best for your application. The reason we have multiple options to choose from is that we know how important it is to have a flexible system that can provide exactly what your application requires. Here’s where long fingers come in handy: wrapping tightly around heavy and large products in order to provide a secure hold. Shorter fingers are used for lower-profile products and gently squeeze from the sides instead of curling under like long fingers. Choose from our 5 finger lengths for any of your applications.


Factors that Affect Pick Rate

We’ve seen that many production facilities have a common goal: increase throughput. This is entirely possible and relies on many factors of the application. In this video, our subject matter expert, Gaelen, gives you the ultimate rundown on everything you should consider when looking to increase your pick rate.

● First, try playing around with your approach position and then your retract position.
● Next, find the ideal “dwell” time.
● Also, have a look at your travel distance. If you’re able to shorten the space between your pick and place point, that will help speed up the cycle time for each.
● Lastly, think about if your robot has to rotate.

All of these factors combined will contribute to your pick rate.

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