An Automated Order Fulfillment Solution


Soft Robotics’ full stack, 3D, bin picking and order fulfillment solution is deployable in a day. With products changing and new SKUs constantly being added to the mix, you don’t have the time or money to train a robot for every new item in your warehouse. SuperPick’s no training capabilities makes deployment simple and painless, guaranteeing you immediate results and faster ROI.

Streamline your bin picking, sorting, and goods to robot fulfillment

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Grocery Order Fulfillment


Goods to Robot Picking


A full stack solution enabled by intelligent materials.


How We’re Different

  • Able to pick consumer items of varying size, shape, fragility and weight in unstructured environments 

  • Requires little to no human intervention for increased productivity

  • The SuperPick solution is robot agnostic—it can be optimized to fit the robot of your choice 

  • Capabilities include:

• Exception Handling

• Remote Operator Access

• Order Fulfillment Module

• Object Detection

• Bin Localization

• Grasp Detection

• Grasp Quality Analysis

• Precision Placement

For Your Business

Labor that works: Unemployment is at a 10-year low, and starting pay for warehouse workers has increased by 6 percent over the past year. Compounding the labor challenge for distribution centers are turnover rates estimated to be anywhere from 15-25% annually. SuperPick gives distribution centers a workforce that is reliable and can be instantly productive.

Increased reliability and quality: With SuperPick, the machines operate whenever there’s work to be done, completing the task accurately and at the desired speed, consistently.

Increased output for consumer demand: Automated bin picking supports the ability to quickly fill orders to meet customer demand, while adding new SKUs daily, enhancing competitive advantage.

Automated Picking Solution e-Commerce and Retail

Bin Picking for Apparel Retailers


SuperPick is commercially available for customers seeking to fulfill the perfect order.

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