The first AI-powered autonomous soft robotic solution for e-commerce & retail


A full stack solution enabled by intelligent materials

Introducing SuperPick, designed specifically for e-commerce and retail logistics environments. SuperPick combines the power of soft robotics with artificial intelligence to enable the human-supervised automation of highly unstructured tasks like bin picking, sorting, and order fulfillment. 

By replacing intensive computation with material science, Soft Robotics is able to simplify the problem of robotic grasping by two to three orders of magnitude

SuperPick, which combines Soft Robotics’ customized artificial intelligence algorithms and vision system with our patented Soft Robotics’ gripping technology, is designed to autonomously retrieve, sort, and fulfill orders, with little to no human intervention. 

Features & Benefits

  • Demonstrated the ability to pick a substantially greater number of retail items than existing robotic technologies
  • Pick rate of over 600 picks per robot per hour
  • Able to pick vast majority of consumer items of varying size, shape, fragility, and weight
  • Eliminates downtime associated with tool changes and offline programming
  • Increased productivity: Autonomous solution requires little-to-no human intervention
  • Enables a remote workforce: Worker can access SuperPick with a simple Internet connection from anywhere in the world

For Your Business

Eliminate challenges with seasonal hiring: Keep the same size workforce all year long, regardless of increased consumer demand

Easy Installation: SuperPick stores picking data in the cloud so that every new robot can be instantly productive

Rapid order fulfillment: One worker + SuperPick equates to the productivity of three workers, with the highest quality and reliability standards

Reduce warehouse operational costs: Maximize fulfillment center square footage with space sensitive systems  that enable a stable and consistent workforce  throughout the year


SuperPick is now commercially available for customers seeking to rapidly fulfill orders, eliminate seasonal hiring, and reduce operational cost. 

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