Our Soft Robotics Development Kits are designed to provide you with the flexibility and adaptability that your application requires. Each kit comes with an infinite number of options for tool customization, allowing you the opportunity to test and validate your Soft Robotics solution for every project you have. 

Below are just a few ways the Soft Robotics Development Kits have been used to develop tooling that perfectly suits the application at hand. 

If you're using an SRDK, we'd love to see your videos.



Cosmetics Packaging

Soft Robotics, Inc.
September 2018

Valves Pick & Place

Soft Robotics, Inc.
September 2018

Ribeye Steak

Soft Robotics, Inc.
December 2017


Food & Beverage Demo

House of Design
October 2017

Broccoli Florets

Pack Expo, September 2017

Apple Demo

Soft Robotics, Inc
August 2017


Pen Packaging

Soft Robotics, Inc.
September 2017

Apple Harvesting

University of Sydney
May 2017

Raw Chicken Drumsticks Demo

JLS Automation
JLS Founder's Day, January 2017



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