Robotic systems with smart materials that unlock automation for all markets

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Soft Robotics is the key to unlocking automation for all markets

Soft Robotics unlocks robotic automation for large, meaningful markets and labor starved industries such as food and beverage, advanced manufacturing and e-commerce and retail. Leveraging patented material science and AI algorithms, Soft Robotics designs and builds automation solutions and soft robotic gripping systems that can grasp and manipulate items with the same dexterity of the human hand.


Human Hand-like Dexterity

Designed to mimic the human hand to grasp and manipulate items that vary in size, shape, and weight.


Smart Materials

Novel approach solves problem through material science, not through higher levels of cost and complexity.


Plug and Play

Turnkey solution that unlocks the transformational benefits of automation for all markets.


Introducing SuperPick

The first AI-powered autonomous soft robotic solution for e-commerce and retail.