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the problem


Automating unstructured environments presents a number of challenges. Conventional robotic grippers struggle to handle items that are delicate and of varying size, shape and weight.


$27 Billion Fresh-Cut Fruit and Vegetable Market

$9 Billion Losses Due to Labor Shortages

65% of Distribution Center Labor Focused on Picking


the solution


We design and build soft robotic grippers and control systems that can manipulate items of varying size, shape and weight with a single device.


Wide Range of Addressable Objects

Turn Key Integration

Enables high speed pick and precision place

Made of FDA compatible materials for primary food handling applications

Perhaps more than any other element of robotic development in warehousing and distribution, the end-of-arm tooling, or gripper, is the place that can make or break a robot’s success.
— Modern Materials Handling, March 2015

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