Protein Automation Solutions

Solving the Challenges in the Protein Processing Industry with Fast, Safe, and Reliable Robotic Automation Solutions

Meat and poultry processors are now turning toward automation at increasingly high rates due to worker shortages, supply chain issues, and stricter food safety regulations.  Our advancements in technologies such as machine vision, soft grasping, and artificial intelligence software are enabling protein processors to be more efficient and profitable in their operations.

Our high-speed, bulk-picking, mGripAI technology can singulate, inspect and pack food products of every size, shape, weight, and form all while improving your operations—allowing you to maximize production without the reliance on human labor.  Small footprint, food-grade singulation, and packaging equipment are key to the success of the industry, and we are happy to be able to bring these to market for some of the largest food producers in the world.

Protein Automation Images