AI Visual Inspection Solutions

Soft Robotics is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with AI Machine Vision technology. Our AI-enabled vision solutions are designed for industries requiring precision and flexibility, such as primary and packaged foods and consumer-packaged goods. Our technology is intuitive and adaptable, mimicking human perception without extensive programming. We offer risk-free trials to ensure seamless integration into your existing operations, improving product quality and increasing yield.

Inspection Tasks Include:

Defect Detection | Volume Estimation | SKU Classification
Attribute Segmentation | Conveyer Counting

Defect Detection

Increase product quality by identifying defective products to help drive upstream process improvement and ensure product quality. From identifying bruising on produce to spotting excess fat on proteins and burn marks on snack foods, our solution is designed to detect and provide valuable statistics for optimizing processes.

Realtime Reporting

With intuitive dashboards, you stay informed about your production line’s performance. Analyze trends and inspect item imagery to gain actionable insights to optimize upstream processes and manage personnel.

Flexible Deployment

Whether you inspect products upstream or downstream, our user-friendly solutions are easy to deploy and fit into human-centric operations without requiring any upstream changes to product presentation.

AI-Enabled Vision Solutions for Smarter Manufacturing

Our solution quickly and accurately inspects products with organic variability often found in the food processing industry.

Features and Benefits:

• Improve quality
• Increase yield
• Increase throughput
• IP69K food-grade materials
• Reduce errors
• Decrease waste
• Reduce reliance on human labor
• Automate repetitive tasks
• Optimize operations
• Increase profits
• No-code user friendly interface
• Small footprint

Top Corn Producer Use Case:

A leading sweet corn producer in the United States has recently implemented Soft Robotics’ cutting-edge AI-powered vision solution to inspect their produce for defects. This innovative system is designed to identify and flag various flaws such as missing kernels, misshapen, and undersized produce, and then promptly relay this information to the quality control team for necessary actions. As a result of this technology, the company has realized significant cost savings and improved yield, thus enhancing its overall productivity and profitability.

Actionable Insights

Our intuitive 3D vision inspection solution inspects, identifies, and classifies product attributes resulting in actionable insights to improve product quality and increase yield.

Defect Imagery

Real-Time Reporting

Historical Trends

Data Aggregation