Soft Robotics
Development Kit 2.0


SRDK 2.0
Launched September 2017

Designed to plug and play with any existing robot currently in the market, the SRDK 2.0 allows end-users and system integrators the ability to customize, test and validate your ideal Soft Robotics Solution, with your own equipment, in your own environment.

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What We Offer

Our one-of-a-kind soft robotic gripping system enables industrial robots to adaptively handle unstructured tasks and objects of varying size, shape and weight. This single, integrated, and easy-to-use solution is perfect for automating applications like:

  • High speed primary and secondary food handling, packaging and pick & place

  • High speed packaging and pick & place of consumer packaged goods

With the SRDK 2.0, users can quickly prototype and test an infinite number of gripper geometries across multiple applications. Once your custom tool is created with the SRDK 2.0, you’ll work with our Soft Robotics engineers to turn your prototype into production quality tooling. The SRDK 2.0 can then be used to build another tool, and another, and another—ensuring to solve every last one of your grasping challenges.

Once an ideal solution has been found, our team will take those exact specifications and build a production-grade tool for implementation into the manufacturing line. And, it doesn’t end there. Created to be fully reusable, the process—build, test, validate, production—can start over again as many times as needed.


 Designed to Plug & Play with any Existing Robot in the Market


What You'll Receive

The Soft Robotics Development Kit 2.0 contains everything you need to build a custom automation solution for your current robotic system. By the time you're finished, your eyes will be opened to a whole world of automated possibilities


A Full Line of Tooling



Allows you to create and test infinite possibilities across countless applications.


Applications for this design include high speed packaging and handling in high mix, high volume applications. These include consumer packaged goods such as cosmetics, shampoo and toiletries, machine tending, injection molding, and any other item where high part variation and/or easily damaged items needs to be handled.


FDA approved materials and design for sanitary applications such as fresh and frozen dough handling, baked goods, produce and confectionery. Also suitable for medical device clean room applications.


Adaptable Soft Robotics tooling for your most demanding environments which require rigorous and regular cleaning. This tooling enables breakthrough applications such as: fresh, raw meat handling, seafood, pork, ready-to-eat produce and your most sensitive clean room applications.


Explore the Capabilities of Soft Robotics Development Kit 2.0


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What will you build? 

If you're using an SRDK, we'd love to see your videos.