mGripAI is an easy-to-integrate solution of 3D vision, soft grasping, and artificial intelligence (AI) software enabling the deployment of robots in food processing applications previously reliant on human labor.


mGripAI layers 3D vision and artificial intelligence technologies on top of Soft Robotics' patented and proven, IP69K-rated, soft grasping to give industrial robots the hand-eye coordination of human workers. This unprecedented combination of robotic "hands," "eyes" and "brains" enables, for the first time ever, the automation of bulk picking processes (e.g. bin picking) in the food supply chain.

Features and Benefits

  • IP69K Rated Food Grade gripper for safe product handling

  • Grasp Optimization to drive maximum reliability

  • Intelligent Object Placement for delicate delivery and optimized packaging

  • Intelligent Robot Motion Control for maximum throughput

  • Real-Time Object Tracking to achieve maximum pick accuracy

  • Embedded Object Understanding to enable downstream processes

The mGripAI Solution


Perception Modules are the Eyes of the solution. They capture high-resolution, 3D images that are sent to the Intelligence Module for further processing.


The Intelligence Module is the Brain behind the solution. It takes input from Perception Modules and translates images into action for the robotic arm and gripper.


A mGrip soft gripper is the Hand of the solution. mGrip works in unison with the Intelligence Module to pick the selected product.

mGripAI Automation Overview Video

mGripAI for Food Processors

mGripAI for System Integrators