3D Vision. Artificial Intelligence. Soft Grasping.

Initially introduced to the food industry, Soft Robotics’ mGripAI solution leverages AI-enabled 3D vision and soft grasping technologies for high-speed picking, sorting, and packaging of various items. This unique combination of advanced technologies enables industrial robots to replicate human workers’ sensory, cognitive, and dexterous abilities, allowing food and warehouse operations to automate labor-intensive processes while increasing productivity and capacity.

The Power of mGripAI

Fastest 3D Picking System

mGripAI can operate at speeds of up to 90PPM per robot

Reduce Product Damage

Intelligent soft grasping algorithms limit pile disruption and ensure a firm, but delicate grasp.

Handle Product from Bulk

Eliminate the burden of upstream singulation from your processing line.

Reduce Automation Footprint

Eliminate the need for large, expensive, and difficult to maintain singulation equipment and deploy robots directly in line.

Eliminate Human Touch

Reduce the risk of humans introducing contaminants to your processing line.

Wash-Down Ready

Food grade design with IP69K rating allows for clean-in-place operations.


mGripAI combined with 3D vision, AI, and soft gripping, enables industrial robots to handle delicate items, sort from disorganized piles, and even package diverse products effortlessly, meeting the growing retail demand for variety packs. Our solutions are safe, and reliable and ensure production is met by reducing the reliance on human workers to maintain operational efficiencies.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase production by minimizing reliance on human labor
  • Deliver greater throughput - robot pick at >90 PPM per robot (application dependent)
  • Safe product handling with IP69K rating and food-grade materials
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Reduce automation footprint
  • Pick delicate and variable products directly from bulk
  • Reduce product damage with soft gripping
  • Automate primary and secondary food processing applications
  • Lower operational costs
  • Easily integrates with all industrial robots

Fast. Safe. Proven.

Intelligent Automation


Intuitive Web-Based Tools

20+ filter and sort parameters allow any user to leverage the power of AI in picking applications.

Data with Every Pick

Optimize your application using valuable data served up from every pick.

Performance Monitoring

Data-rich dashboards keep you in the loop on system performance.

mGripAI combines 3D vision, AI and Soft Grasping into one very powerful picking package.

How It Works

The mGripAI Solution


Perception Modules are the Eyes of the solution. They capture high-resolution, 3D images that are sent to the Intelligence Module for further processing.


The Intelligence Module is the Brain behind the solution. It takes input from Perception Modules and translates images into action for the robotic arm and gripper.


A mGrip soft gripper is the Hand of the solution. mGrip works in unison with the Intelligence Module to pick the selected product.