Bratwurst/Sausage Automation Solutions

mGripAI is an easy-to-integrate automation package that combines ultra-fast 3D vision and artificial intelligence technologies with patented and proven, IP69K-rated, soft grasping to give industrial robots the hand-eye coordination of humans. This unprecedented combination of robotic “hands,” “eyes” and “brains” enables, for the first time ever, the use of high-speed industrial robots to automate bulk picking processes in the bratwurst/sausage and hot dog processing industry.

Why mGripAI?

The demand for food automation has increased significantly due to the lack of available labor and increased labor wages. Food processors grappling with a shortage of labor (particularly skilled labor), more rigorous food safety standards and greater competition, are turning to robotic automation to address these challenges.

See where our high-speed automation solutions are helping meat and protein processors become more profitable and efficient in their operations.

Features and Benefits:

- Increase production by minimizing reliance on human labor
- Deliver greater throughput with high-speed picking
- Safe product handling with IP69K rating and food-grade materials
- Increase operational efficiencies
- Reduce automation footprint
- Pick delicate and variable products directly from bulk
- Reduce product damage with soft gripping
- Automate primary and secondary food processing applications
- Lower operational costs
- Easily integrates with all industrial robots

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White Paper

Robot Advancements Drive Efficiency, Productivity in Protein Processing

Food manufacturers have weathered unprecedented challenges over the past two years, exacerbated in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic. Production disruptions from lockdown mandates early in the pandemic soon gave way to labor shortages and supply chain issues that still linger today.

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